August 30, 2019

Dear St. Thomas Family:

AT the start of this long weekend, we have so many things to be grateful for:  Our families, our friends, our abilities to laugh and work and play.  We thank our Lord for all these gifts!

Here’s what’s happening at St. Thomas School:

  • Gate/Fence News:We have a fence and gates, but we don’t have the electronics to open and close them from within the school. These things are coming, but we are asked to be patient.  If you come to school after 8:30, the gate may be closed.  Just call the front office, and we will let you in.
  • Traffic Flow: I want to be sure everyone understands. Enter only through the Entrance Gate.  Drive SLOWLY along the orange cones to the “Drop Off” sign.  Let your children off on the side facing the school.  Follow the orange cones around the curve and drive to the Exit gate.  If you approach the gate slowly and stop on the White-Painted Square, the gate sensors will open to let you out.  If you want to park and walk your children into class, park up near the picnic tables or in the row near the fence that runs along the center of the lot behind the Church.  Walk ONLY around the orange cones, keeping your children away from the traffic flow. Do NOT cut across the flow of traffic.
  • New Business:We did receive a technology grant last May.  It has not yet progressed to the stage of installing anything.  Again, we are asked to be patient.  More patience is required as AT&T continues to install our new Fiber-Optics Internet.  They are about ½ way finished.  We are waiting.  Rosetta Stone Language Programs are also coming.  We can still use some earbuds or headphones with microphones.  Thanks to those who have already donated.
  • Old Business:We are still accepting applications for your 5th-8thgrade student to join their friends on our Washington D.C. trip scheduled for Easter break.  Please call the front office for details.  This is a great experience for your child!
  • Something Different: We are going to sponsor a Cruise in June as a Fundraiser.  The dates are June 14-18.  We will sail with Carnival, departing from Long Beach and sailing to Catalina, Ensenada, and back to Long Beach. More info will be coming.  Watch this space!
  • Alumni:If you know someone who is an Alumni of our school, please send us:  Name, Contact info, and Years attended the school. We hope to plan a get-together next year.



Dr. Dian Pizurie, Principal

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