March 12, 2020

Dear St. Thomas Family:

Attached is an announcement from he Office of Catholic Schools and Our Diocese. Just to add our perspective: St. Thomas the Apostle School is in full compliance with all directives from the Diocese and the CDC. We are planning a way to continue educating our students IF we have to close/ quarantine for any amount of time. We do have a back-up plan. However, we hope we will not have to use it. Please do not worry, but if you have questions, call or email me and I will answer you.

Letter from the Office of Catholic Schools:

The Off of Catholic Schools is a member of the Diocese's Ad Hoc COVID 19 Response Committee. This committee is in constant communication with the CDC, public health departments for both San Bernardino and Riverside counties, Dignity Health,  and other diocesan entities. As of today, the schools in the Diocese of San Bernardino will continue to operate a normal school schedule. Activities and field trips scheduled will continue. In the event, that an individual school site experiences exposure to COVID 19, the Office of Catholic Schools will consult with the Ad Hoc COVID 19 Response Committee with regard to any further restrictions that might be needed. As information is updated, every effort to protect students from harm will be considered. With scheduled school events, parents may exercise their right as primary educators and decide to keep their child home or elect not to have their child participate. With regard to absences, students will not be penalized for parents who choose to have their children remain home.


Dr. Dian Pizurie