March 13, 2020

Dear St. Thomas Family:

In the midst of all the confusion and concern, I hope you are taking time to reassure your children that they are okay and God is watching over us all.

You may have heard that the schools in L.A. are closing down for the next two weeks starting Monday. So far we do not have an order to do the same. However, please understand that our goal is to deliver education to each student even if he/she cannot come to school.

If/when we do close, it will probably be for about two weeks (could be more). We have always considered parents to be our partners in our students’ education. We will need your collaboration more than ever in the case of an alteration in our school schedule. Please be sure you are signed up on the app your teacher uses to communicate information about homework, class due dates, and whatever else. If you are not signed up, or if you are not sure what app your teacher uses, please check with the teacher and get on board. This tool will be vital to helping you guide your children’s studies in case of a break in our routine.

While having access to a computer or iPad is ideal, we will deliver our lessons so you can see them on a smart phone. If you do not have this access, please let your teacher know immediately.

We may have to be flexible and willing to adjust to new methods in case of a school shutdown, but we all have the same goals in mind: Educating and protecting our children.

Thank you for your understanding.


Dr. Dian Pizurie, Principal

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