Technology and Your Child’s Education

August 9, 2018

No school can afford to send students on to the next level without them being tech-savvy. St. Thomas the Apostle School chose the iPad as its educational device to support academics because of the variety and effectiveness of the programs offered by iPad. From 8th grade down to the four-year olds in Transitional Kindergarten, our students learn in ways that almost feel like play which means they eagerly do the math, research the science, and create original books, all while learning how to become a 21st century citizen of our tech-rich society.

St. Thomas understands the power of learning online, but we never forget the importance of face-to-face interaction with a knowledgeable classroom teacher. We offer all the technology students need supported with skills in computer literacy and computer safety. Our students’ futures are in our hands and in their own when they open that iPad and sign in to their favorite math app. Come by and take a look at what we are doing.