April 1, 2019

Dear St. Thomas Family:

It is my sad duty to inform you that the school and the church were burglarized over the weekend.

The church suffered a damaged door and the poor box contents were taken. The school suffered quite a bit of damage to doors and locks and our safe.

Thankfully, no person was harmed.

However, if you made any payment to the Schoo after 1:00pm on Thursday or all day Friday, your cash/checks were taken. We made a big deposit on Friday, but that deposit did not include monies brought in after 1:00pm on Thursday.

Please contact your bank and stop payment on those checks. Whether you paid in cash or checks, will you please give us a call and let us know the amount paid? We are compiling a list of losses for our insurance and police report.


Dr. Dian Pizurie, Principal

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