December 18, 2018 Newsletter

December 18, 2018

Dear St. Thomas Family:

I am writing our final newsletter of the year today instead of Wednesday because the performance will take up too much time for many of us to bother with a newsletter.

The performance is at 6:30 tomorrow evening at Sherman Indian School Auditorium.  Please have all students there by 6:00.  The students will be sitting in the balcony this year (well-chaperoned) so they can see the show instead of waiting backstage.  We will see how that goes!

We will be accepting donations at the door to defray the cost of putting on the perfromance. The show will be a delight as always!  The costumes and props are adorable.  I can’t wait to se the whole thing put together.

At this time we are short one girl for a Grades 1 & 2 Soccer team.  The rules say we must have at least 4 girls (out of a team of 9) on the field at all times.  We have two who signed up and two more who committed today verbally.  To allow for some rotation in and out, we need at least one more girl—preferably two.  I will need to know tomorrow—Wednesday!—or we will not have the First and Second grades team.

Mr. Conlon is having a Parent meeting for Soccer and Basketball on Wednesday, Jan. 9th, in the parish hall at 6:00.  Please be there to support your Student-Athlete.  The season for basketball and soccer opens on Saturday, January 19.  We will be collecting fees for playing and uniforms when we return on Jan. 7th.  

M. Conlon would like to have a short practice for soccer tomorrow after school—3:00 to 3:30.  This is really more to get paperwork started and settle on coaches.  Please try to make it if your child is playing.

This has been a terrific beginning to our school year.  So many good things have happened.  The rest of the year looks bright ahead.  Thanks for all the support and hard work you parents and grandparents put in.  We could not make it without you!

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

Dr. Dian Pizurie, Principal

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