Halloween Newsletter

October 29, 2019

Dear St. Thomas Family:

I know this is an unusual time to receive a newsletter, but the last two weeks have been out of the normal run of things.  First, Family Fun Days absorbed so much time that I never was able to sit down and write to all of you.  Second, the week after FFD, I had a root canal that laid me up for several days of healing.

So…hello on a Tuesday.

What is up in the week ahead?  Of course, Halloween is upon us, and we will celebrate with our usual Tricks and Treats.  We have already spent the early part of this week encouraging our students (and adults) to be Drug Free!  Crazy hair tomorrow, crazy hats/caps and tie-dyed t-shirts have been fun, and each morning our older students urge through facts and stories us to stay away from Drugs.

Thursday is the big day, and students are allowed to wear a costume.  BUT…nothing too scary, nothing too bulky (we do have school during the morning), no weapons, nothing too “sexy” or provocative.  Parents:  use your good judgment on what your child wears.  We will have our traditional Halloween parade after assembly followed by the school trick or treating at the parish offices.  Then back to the routine of any other Thursday until after second lunch. At about 1:15 the party will begin with our Room Ambassadors and helpers providing the candy, treats, games, and whatever.

I plan to write the usual newsletter Friday, but I wanted to be sure you all knew how Halloween is supposed to go.

Remember that Friday is a half day.  November’s Mass will occur next Tuesday at 9:00.

Blessings, Dr. Dian Pizurie, Principal

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