March 8, 2019

Dear St. Thomas Family:

First, let me thank all the volunteers, parents, students, teachers, and staff who made Family Fun Days possible!    We also thank Our Lord Who held up the rain just long enough for us to get the kids on stage, hold the auctions, and let everyone get a taco, or sandwich, or hot dog, or bowl to eat.  The Lord answered our prayers! (Of course, we had 170 children praying with us, and, as Mrs. Ochoa always says, children’s prayers have a direct line to heaven!)

Parents of our current 6th and 7th grade students:  We sent home a flyer yesterday announcing a Washington D.C. trip for 2020.  We will have a parent meeting on Tuesday in either the 6th or 7th grade classroom at 6:00 P.M. to see if anyone is interested.  The representative from World Strides will be here to answer questions.  Please attend if your child has any interest.

We have begun Lent, so help your children with their positive intentions for this season.  Also, check with them or the church office for information about Lenten ceremonies and rituals.

Is anyone interested in taking over the on-line SCRIP program for next year?  Mrs. Haynes will be glad to train her successor as she is stepping up to lead us in establishing our Alumni list—a project that has long been on hold!

Speaking of stepping into new responsibilities, Mr. Jason Marquez will be resigning as President of School Advisory Board since his son is graduating the 8th grade this year.  We will need a replacement as we bid Jason a fond farewell and thank him for his tremendous service.  Another opening has appeared on SAB as well:  Mrs. Virginia Sabbarese is resigning as Secretary.  We also thank her for her service.

If you are interested in these leadership positions, contact the office and let us know.  We will be glad to explain the duties and put you in touch with the current officers so you can be filled in on the details.

The students will be leading the school in Stations of the Cross during Lent on Fridays.  You are welcome to join us.

Don’t forget to “Spring Forward” on your clocks this weekend.  Daylight Savings Time begins!

Today marks the end of our 2nd Trimester.  Expect report cards sometime next week.  Attention:  3rd grade parents—Mrs. Einck is serving on a Diocesan committee next week and will not be back until Friday.  Her report cards may be delayed until Monday.


Dr. Dian Pizurie



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