May 24, 2019

Dear St. Thomas Family:

In one week our 8th graders will be graduating.  Two weeks from now our school year will end.  The time has seemed to fly by, although we probably all remember days—or weeks—that we thought would never end.  It has been an eventful year, and as it closes, we are already planning for next year!

I do need some feedback from parents on an important issue.  We are considering a change in our approach to Hot Lunch.  A company has approached us that provides lunches to St. Catherine School.  The owner gets rave reviews from the Principal and from his students.  We would like to know if you would be interested in adding a special lunch to our schedule—a healthier option.  We would not abandon Subway or Olivia’s, but we might bring in this company to augment what we serve now.  The most compelling reasons for the addition are that they would provide their own workers (and we often have trouble getting enough workers, especially at the end of the years when many people fill their service hours requirement and don’t volunteer anymore) and that they would serve healthy options (see sample attached).  The negatives include that they charge a flat fee for lunch--$4.00 for TK-2 and $4.50 for older students—which is more than our lunches cost now.  We would probably consider bringing in the company only one day a week.  If you don’t want the change, then we must solve the problem of not enough workers showing up on Hot Lunch days.

We must thank Mrs. Belme for her years of work for us, but she cannot be the Lunch Chair anymore.  She has taken on some new duties—Yearbook, for one—that are consuming her time.  Therefore, we must have someone who will step in and take over Chairing the Lunch Program.  Please contact the front office if an angel moves you to volunteer!

As Summer approaches, parents often think about ways to occupy their children’s time.  A former Notre Dame teacher and a member of St. Thomas Parish, Mrs. Sheila Jimenez, is offering Piano Lessons for Beginners at $10.00 a lesson this summer.  You may reach her at (951) 288-2523.  

The Puppy Raffle will close next Wednesday.  Last chance to win a beautiful, little boy-puppy French Bulldog!  Only $20.00 a ticket.  Also, Girl Scout Troop 493 is collecting and recycling dried-out markers.  Please send them in to school with your student!  Support the environment!

As you celebrate this Memorial Day with family and friends, please remember those who served in the military and those who died to protect our rights.


Dr. Dian Pizurie, Principal

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