May 31, 2019

Dear St. Thomas Family:

Eighth Grade Graduation!  One more week to go for everyone else!  Is it Summer yet?

Our 8th grade went on their class trip to Disneyland yesterday.  Thanks to the parents who drove and spent the day (and into the night!) with the soon-to-be graduates!  Especially thanks to Mrs. Morrow and Mrs. Ochoa who provided the loving oversight to be sure all returned safely home.

Next week we are celebrating our last School Mass of the year on Tuesday at 9:00 A.M.  All are welcome to join us—Students in Liturgy attire, please.  The School Picnic is on Thursday;  because they will get wet (and maybe dirty!) we recommend they wear shorts, P.E. shirts, and water socks or sandals with a back strap (no flip flops).  They cannot wear tennis shoes on the water slide, and regular socks just get lost, so please be sure to follow the dress recommendations! 

Friday of next week (June 7) is a half-day and the last day of school. NO EXTENDED CARE THAT DAY. Please pick up your students on time so the faculty and staff can enjoy an end-of-year luncheon with each other.  School resumes on August 19th.  

I asked last week for some responses concerning potential additions to our Lunch Program.  I received only one response—Positive.  If you feel strongly one way or the other, please make your preference known.  

Please check in with Bookkeeping if you have a balance owing on your account.  We have to submit our totals to the Diocese on June 30.  We would appreciate being able to close our books without being in the red.  Also, remember we now have the ability to accept payments by credit card.  

If you have left medications with us for the school year, please pick them up no later than Friday.  We cannot keep them over the summer.

Our Summer Office hours will be Monday through Thursday, 8:00am -1:00pm starting on June 17th and running through August 9th.  We will be closed on July 4th & 5th.  SCRIP will be sold on Tuesday mornings from 8:30 till 9:00.  


Dr. Dian Pizurie, Principal

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