October 11, 2019

Dear St. Thomas Family:

After three years of trying, we finally got our internet upgraded to fiber optics!  All our tech problems are not yet solved, but we have made progress.  We are still working on upgrading our phones and adding Aero-Hives (also called Extenders) to two classrooms to increase our power.  Keep tuned…we will let you know what we are doing.

Family Fun Days are nearly here!  The first round of sign-up sheets (Food Booths) have been available this week. More positions will be ready for sign-ups on Tuesday.  Volunteers:  You are needed!   Family Fun Days—and all our fundraisers—depend on volunteers to keep them running.  Fundraisers bridge the gap between what we spend and what tuition brings in.  They help keep tuition costs down.

We are grateful for the workers who have already stepped up to prepare for the big events.  We can still use Chairs for booths, among other needs.  Help us make this event a big success!  Donations for the Cake Walk and Sweet Shoppe are still needed, as are gift cards ($25.00 minimum to earn one service hour) for prizes and the raffle items for your classroom baskets.

It has been a wait, but we are finally ready to start Rosetta Stone Spanish lessons.  We will set up classes with their passwords starting Monday.  These lessons will enhance our students’ foreign language and their technology skills since they are conducted primarily on the iPads.

I have personally received many positive comments from parents who are relieved that their children study behind added layers of protection, our fence and gate.  Despite the inconvenience of driving up to a closed gate and having to call the office, parents understand that we are only trying to protect their children.  We don’t have the cameras and buzzers yet, but we know they are on the way!

Thank you for the majority of parents who have learned the system of dropping off in the morning.  Sadly, a few parents still insist on dropping off outside of the designated spot, driving too fast through the lot, and crossing their children through the traffic lanes.  When the aides have tried to speak to you about these violations, a few—very few!—parents have been rude, defiant , and non-compliant.  I, myself, have witnessed this and experienced it.  I do not apologize for putting in place a system to keep our children safe.  We ask our children to follow our rules…we expect the same from their parents.  Set a good example for your children.  Thank you.

Next School Board Meeting, this Monday, Oct. 14, in Room 8 at 6:30!  All are Welcome!


Dr. Dian Pizurie

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