October 4, 2019

Dear St. Thomas Family:

Just a few words about the new Drop-Off, Parking, and Pick Up Procedures:  I know that the fence/gate configuration can be tricky.  We must wait patiently (because there is no other choice) until the electronics are installed that will allow us to see who is waiting at the gate and buzz that car in.  Until then, when you arrive and need access, call the front office and someone will let you in,  (951) 689-1981.

Follow the traffic flow and exit through the Exit Gate (the white rectangle will show you where to stop and wait for the sensor to open the gate).  Please DO NOT cross the lanes of traffic.  If your children are ready to exit at the Drop Off spot, the flow will be more efficient.  No matter how inconvenient it may seem, remember that the fence and gate are there to protect our children.  Their safety is the most important element in this equation.  Also, DO NOT Enter through the Exit gate or vice-versa.  Keep your speed to 5 MPH in our parking lot.

All of our procedures are in place to protect the safety of YOUR CHILD.  It is inappropriate to lose patience with the set-up or the Aides who are trying to help your students.  Most of you have been cooperative and appreciative.  Thank you.  If you want to complain, come to me.  I will explain the wisdom of what we are doing and why we do it.

Parents/Guardians:  Progress Reports will be sent home the week of Oct. 7.  If your students have an “F” in any subject at that time, that student will be suspended from sports and not allowed to play.  They can still practice with the team.  If the student is on Student Leadership, the student will be suspended and his/her position may be replaced.  There is no reason for a student to be failing.  Please stay on top of your students and check in with the teachers if you have any doubts.  As I review the Gradebooks, I see that the main reason—often the ONLY reason—for a failing grade is that the student has accumulated one or more “Zeroes.”  A Zero means the student has not turned in work or has not studied for a test. Please partner with us and support your child’s academic success.

Family Fun Day will be with us soon.  Please turn in your tickets!  We still need workers for Family Fun Day.  Contact the front office to sign up!  (PLEASE SEE REVERSE SIDE OF THIS PAPER FOR DETAILS!)

We also need workers for Hot Lunch Days, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The only way our program works is for parents to help and support it.  Without enough parent help, we cannot serve all the students efficiently.  We do not want to cancel our lunch program because it is such a timesaver for many parents, but without help, we will have to shut it down.  Thank you for your consideration.


Dr. Dian Pizurie, Principal



  • We will have jumpers!  Wristbands will be sold from the School Office beforehand.
  • $15.00 in advance/$20.00 day of.

We are looking for someone to Chair the following booths:

  • Cake Walk
  • Basketball Free Throw

The School Raffle Baskets need donations: 

  • TK-2=Disney theme
  • 3-5=Outdoors/Bar B-Q
  • 6-8=Gift Cards ($10.00 minimum)

We are also in need of prizes to give for Bingo.

  • For every $25.00  card donated w/receipt, you will receive one service hour

We have a Craft Booth this year.  Donations needed:

  • Kid-friendly themed napkins
  • Paint brushes
  • Embellishments (buttons, ribbon, jewels, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Dots

Please check your October Calendar!

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