September 6, 2019

Dear St. Thomas Family:

Thank you for your patience with our new fence and gate situation.  We will be getting electronic entry soon, but right now, if you drive up and the gate is closed, please call the front office, (951) 689-1981.

Gift Wrap Fundraiser started on Tuesday this week.  If you haven’t already looked at the catalogues, please take some time this weekend. The students are excited because they can earn prizes for the amount they sell.

We are sending home a letter to 5th, 6th, 7thand 8thgrades to remind you of the Washington D.C. / Williamsburg, VA. Trip next year during Easter Break.  We are running out of time before we hit a hard deadline.  If your student is interested, please read the letter.  The details of the trip, the prices, and the information on how to sign up are on page 3.   Our Trip ID (on page 3) is #173528.  You may sign up online.  Deadline is Tuesday, Sept. 10!!!!!!!  Ms. Arredondo has volunteered to be the School Leader on this trip. It sounds awesome!

Our students were able to hear campaign speeches from the candidates for Student Leadership.  The candidates did a wonderful job standing up in front of their peers and explaining why they deserved to be elected. Our new Student Leadership Team is: Commissioners of Safety, J.D. Sabbarese and Elise Sepulveda; Commissioner of Athletics, Patrick McAvoy ; Commissioner of Publicity, Emma Hernandez; Secretary, Dolores Rodriguez; Treasurer, Cassidy Belme; Vice-President, Isidro Jiz; President, Danyelle Russell. Congratulations to all the candidates and to the new Student Leadership Team.

We still need volunteers for Hot Lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Car Show is coming soon, and there is room for more cars and vendors. Plan on having a great time!

We are collecting donations on Fridays for the Poor Box at Church.  Fridays are typically Free Dress or Jeans and St. Thomas shirts days  ANY donation is welcome.  No donation is too small.  Thanks for your support.

Lastly, Big Shout-Out to our Spirit Squad who have been invited to perform at this weekend’s UCLA game! Way to go, Ladies!  You make us proud!


Dr. Dian Pizurie, Principal

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